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15 August 2021 - Remarks at SILF Independence Day Prog in Hindi with English Translation 

30 October 2019, Keynote Address at CCIEE-Brookings-LKYSPP International Symposium, Singapore


30 May 2019, Remarks at Memorial Meeting for Lord SK Bhattacharya

14 December 2018, Remarks at 101st Annual Conference of Indian Economic Association, ISID Delhi 

22 June 2018, Address at Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IJCCI) Chamber Day Function, Chennai


15 June 2018, Remarks at Conferment of “Order of The Rising Sun with Neck Ribbon”, Embassy of Japan, Delhi


27 April 2018, Lecture at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore


1 July 2017, Remarks at Ananta Aspen Emerging Leaders Programme, Wardha, Pune


19 October 2016, Speech (India and China, India and Japan relations) at Harvard University, Boston


24 September 2016, A Tribute to Admiral  Samson


10 August 2016, Address at School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon


6 May 2016, Speech at  IEIA OPEN SEMINAR, Bangalore


1 December 2015, 4th Jayant Bhuyan Memorial Lecture, Guwahati


16 July 2014, Speech at Shikshamandal, Wardha, Pune


15 July 2014, Speech at Bajaj University,  Nagpur


27 November 2013, Speech at Sanmar Group Annual Day , Chennai


11 January 2013, 25th Wilhelm von Pochhammer Memorial Lecture, Germany


22 July 2011, Remarks at South Asia Diaspora Convention, Singapore


4 February 2010, Bengal Initiative Lecture,  Bengal Club


11 January 2009, Mr. P K Kaul Memorial Lecture,  Noida Sports Club


2008, A blog on “Women make a difference”


2008, A Blog on Strategic Dialogue : Track II Diplomacy


2008, A blog on “India : Isolation to Integration”


2007, A 2007 Perspective on India and The World


2007,  A perspective on Leadership “Wanted Leaders”


13 August 2007, Speech at AIG Forum 2007, Parliament House, Canberra, Australia


10 July 2007, Speech at IE Singapore, Singapore


17 May 2007, Speech at World Bank Conference, Slovenia


23 February 2007, Speech at Lady Irwin College, New Delhi


2006, A 2006 perspective on India-US Relations


2006, Speech at East West Centre, “South Asia – as a Family”, USA


2006, Third Mantosh Sondhi Memorial Lecture “Believing in India Future”, Mumbai


2006, Speech at ICFAI Business School Forum, Hyderabad


19 July 2006, Address at the Golden Jubilee of Forum Free Enterprise, Mumbai


10 March 2005, Address at Exim Bank Annual Commencement Day, Mumbai


4 October 2005, ICSI Foundation Day Lecture, New Delhi


24 November 2005, Speech at the Tata Group Business Excellence Convention (Human Resources – A Blessing), Goa


19 March 2004, Address at Xavier Institute, Bhubaneswar


8 June 2004, Remarks at USIBC  Annual Meeting (Not “ Fortress India” but “Global India”)


12 October 2004, Address at Mantosh Sondhi Wartsila Award, Mumbai 


22 September 2003, Address at United Nations General Assembly High-Level Interactive Panel Discussion at UN Headquarters, New York



28 October 2003, Mantosh Sondhi Memorial Lecture, Delhi

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