Forbes Marshall Founders Day Lecture, 2nd October  2020 here

Dance of the Dragon and the Elephant : Intricate Footsteps and India’s Economic Dynamics here

Is it time to Revaluate India's Foreign Policy? here

Keynote address  at CCIEE-Brookings-LKYSPP Int'l Symposium, 30-31Oct 2019, Singapore here

Interview at ISAS-Singapore on Facebook  22 Aug 2019 here

Tel Aviv Honorary Doctorate Speech

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Video Gallery

State of the Economy

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140 Years of BSE

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Tehelka Round Table

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Henry Kissinger at IES

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India Economic Summit 2009 - India's Next Aspiration Watch here 

India's Vision of 2022 by Prof. C.K. Prahalad- May 2009 Watch here 

Crossing Frontiers – The Journey of Building CII

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