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What is Corona Virus teaching us?

1. Don’t abuse, misuse, disturb, destroy Nature.

2. Preserve Wildlife. They are not for killing and eating.

3. Pollution of any kind is self-destructive.

4. Water must be saved and used with care.

5. Trees are not for cutting. Trees are to live.

6. Grow more fruits and vegetables. They are the best.

7. Rivers, lakes, water bodies are to be kept clean and clear.

8. Rural Societies, rural life and rural livelihoods are essential for balanced development.

9. The Poor are to be cared for, with work, income, food, education, healthcare and housing, so as to have a better quality of life.

10. Women are to be respected, educated, empowered and treated as equals.

11. Men have to reinvent themselves in many ways, to shun domestic violence, to share fully in all domestic work and stop being “cowboys”.

12. Children are to learn and also to play and to grow with good health and values.

13. Hygiene and cleanliness are critical.

14. Life is fragile, handle with care.

15. Rich people have less immunity than the Poor.

16. Animals in a Zoo are similar to Humans in Lockdown.

17. Most people can work from home.

18. Actors are Entertainers, not Heroes.

19. Health Professionals are more significant than sports legends.

20. Fake News, Speculation and Rumors are rife in our world.

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May 26, 2020

Armchair comments with hollow insights. On environment, the industry has been the most responsible for damage, especially to trees and water. Something that one who has built a career promoting crony capitalists should know. On rights of the economically disadvantaged, corporates who have exploited the blood and sweat of the poor and the weak stand exposed today. On rural India, would love to know when an immersive program or a “Track II” Dialogue was conducted not in glitzy capitals but in the villages??


Apr 15, 2020

You have nailed it, Mr Das. Each of these is a gem. And each needs reflection. It would be such a wonderful society and wholesome planet if we take these lessons and try to implement in our lives and communities.

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