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Thoughts on what makes an outstanding Leader

Here are some criteria in random order:

Competence Understanding of issues and therefore ability to lead and influence discussion.

Organisation Understanding of structures, systems and administration. Ability to manage. Delegate, decentralized working and yet directing from behind.

Decision making Decisiveness. Ability to take and evaluate risks and take a call.

Speed With multiple demands, ability to work at speed and avoid delays.

People High skills in dealing with People –external: Govts, Media, International, and

Internal: staff at all levels. Also, to assess people. To mentor.

Passion Enthusiasm, Excitement, Energy of a high order.

Fitness Mental/physical stamina to cope with 24x7 demands.

Integrity and Security Strong values. To command trust. One a sustainable basis. A “secure” person, not insecure.

Communication Speaking and written communication ability of a high order.

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