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The Small and Medium Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

In recent weeks, there has been a renewed, and welcome, focus on credit for small and

medium industry. Finance is a fuel without which no industry can function, especially so

the MSME sector which is faced with huge policy and procedural challenges in accessing


Banks just do not look at MSME entrepreneurs as creditworthy and either deny or delay

the availability of credit and finance. But, Banks cannot be blamed also because they

have liquidity problems and need to be careful.

But, this is not the be all and end all of the problems of the MSME community. The

MSME sector faces many other challenges.

Can they move to a self-regulated system with a single form to be completed and filed

online to a single authority? To reduce the pressure of paperwork?

Government agencies should look at MSME as a resource. They are the backbone of the

Industry and economy, not as a villain and a nuisance. The growth and prosperity of the

MSME sector would be transformational for India and role model for the world.

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