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The Positive Fall out of Covid 19

1. Communication between the PM and leaders of political parties and former Presidents and PMs of India.

2. Communication and consultation between the PM and CMs of the States.

3. Close communication and consultation between Government and Private Sector demonstrating quick reaction and implementation to solve problems efficiently in time bound manner - “can deliver” / “will deliver”.

4. With the Lockdown, a new level of Discipline amongst Indians.

5. Sharing is Caring - A series of new level of public symbols of solidarity.

6. Welcome changes in Lifestyle of the rich, since the C Virus treats everyone alike.

7. Reduction in expenditure for individuals and families.

8. P.M.’s direct communications to people. The Nation’s focus on one single issue: Covid 19

9. Importance of Public Health Infrastructure reinforced.

10. Vegetarian food diet boosted.

11. Appreciation that a strong WHO very important.

12. Food security to cope with emergencies, critical.

13. “No one is safe unless the whole world is safe”

14. Boost to digitalization – financial, distance e- learning across schools, colleges, institutions, seminars , workshops etc. (lesser travel and commuting in future)

15. An opportunity to strengthen family bond. Alone time enabling catching up with neglected important personal matters, hobbies, reading, Introspection, new learning’s etc.

16. Working from home should be an option for many. People learned that their jobs can be done from home and can save time in commuting. Teams are actually more connected with each other now.

17. Surprising temporary Climate Change Benefits - Clean River, Clean Air, Blue sky and can also see stars at night!

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1 Comment

Apr 10, 2020

These thoughts have been floating in my head too, to the extent that I think I am holding two contrarian emotions in my soul. On one hand it is so heartening to see these changes, all 17 of the ones that you have listed down, and some others as well (such as competitors collaborating with each other for the better good of the society; strong focus on personal hygiene etc etc) . On the other hand, there is a pessimistic realism that, besides #14 and perhaps #10, we will go back to the pre-Covid socio, economic and political life. We are currently in the midst of a fight for survival, largely mental and emotional for the privileged classes, and entirely…

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