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Sunday’s Janata Curfew: Will 1.3 Billion People Listen and Respond?

My blog yesterday morning has been appreciated by the few who read it.

And, the PM’s Address to the Nation last night was outstanding. Just perfect. Body language, tone, content, approach – he sounded all the right bells.

In my blog yesterday I spoke of self-centeredness and lack of discipline of us Indians. Now, the PM has put us all to the test on Sunday.

1. Everyone to stay home.

2. 5pm applause for the Indians working to take care of all of us.

These are the challenges before us all.

Barring those who want to play politics, this is a clarion call to all of us to come together at this time of deep crisis. This is war. War against the C-Virus.

Lets hope we will emerge on Sunday night at 9.01pm, proud because we responded, proud because we showed discipline, proud because we cared.

One of those who read my blog yesterday, responded, as follows:

Our first test is on Sunday, 22 March.

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