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Manchester United and Ole Solskjaer

I am a Manchester United fan since 1958 when many of the team died in the Munich Air Crash. The Busby Babes. From 1959-1963, when I was in Manchester University, I saw almost every home game at Old Trafford, standing in the cold and wet of Manchester winters. And, later, my wife, two sons, my daughter and son-in-law and my grandsons have also joined the United bandwagon. I have taken them all to Old Trafford to see some matches travelling from India and USA.

The last few years have been full of pain with United in a strange place, low in confidence, playing defensive football, guided by managers wrong for United. In the last several weeks, since Ole Solskjaer has come, that depression and distress has lifted.

We, again, see United playing the way Alex Ferguson taught them to play and Ole Solskjaer was one of his great team. 12 goals scored by United over 3 matches, unbelievable but so delightful after a long, long wait.

I was 19 when I started following United. I am 79 now and had almost given up hope that United owners would take action to bring back the “old” United. Its early days with Solskjaer and this Season is more than half gone but, as we begin 2019, its looking like a Happy New Year for the Club, the coaching staff, the players and all of us, fans. Thank you so much, Ole.

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