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India's National Security Establishment

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

For the first time, India’s National Security establishment is looking cohesive, coordinated and

competent. This is a considerable achievement.

The National Security Adviser (Advisor), supported by 3 Deputy Advisor's, charged with focused responsibilities,

the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) and the National Security Advisory Board (NSAB), small, expert, carefully selected.

Add to that the key agencies of IB – the Intelligence Branch- and RAW – the Research and Analysis Wing

– all reporting into the Advisor, makes for clear leadership, and integrated team, a multi – disciplinary expertise behind one Leader, the Advisor, responsible for National Security.

1947 to now, the story seems to have been of lack of strong leadership, disconnected teams, turf battles, lack of focus, lack of single-minded determination and fragility inspite of massive security challenges facing the country.

This seems to be history now, very fortunately. The unified command under the Advisor is making the Indian National Security establishment look good. This is progress made inspite of the inevitable pulls and pressures in any Government. The PM and his senior colleagues are to be complimented for putting national interest before and above sectoral demands.

This new structure also brings with it clear responsibility and accountability which is most w

elcome and is as it should be. It is a time for quiet satisfaction.

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