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Does It Look Like 10000 C-Virus Cases in India as a Reality???

The early initiatives and actions by Government of India had ensured a slow, controlled rise in the number of C-Virus cases and very few deaths. The trend was encouraging. It gave confidence.

The Lockdown came at the right time and would have helped to further slow the spread except for two factors:

a. the exodus of migrant workers returning home because of the sudden sense of deep insecurity (though most should be C-Virus free)


b. the Markaj International meeting in Delhi which has led to an explosion of positive cases as the participants moved on to other cities and towns in India.

With (b) showing the way, sadly, because of defiance and indiscipline, India’s C-Virus numbers may, perhaps, touch 10,000 fairly soon. Too many people have been infected by this group.

India will need Isolation Wards for the 10,000. Medical and other personnel. A variety of equipment, medicines. An unending list at a scale for which planning and preparation is no doubt being done on a crash basis by the Government.

(As it is, the sudden increase in numbers is causing huge pressure!).

The Government of India has so far been generally “ahead of the curve” but, now the unexpected and unforeseen is challenging their administrative and managerial capabilities.

As India increases its pace of preparation, it is very important that the organized sector of industry pitches in rapidly to manufacture and supply whatever is required to the best quality and standard. TV channels are breaking news of orders placed on very small firms which are not organized to respond in this emergency. In fact, the organized sector can manufacture and donate much of the medical supplies and equipment rather than be witness to the loss of many lives. Major corporates have announced setting aside significant amounts to assist with the C-Virus Pandemic. The time has come for follow through and rapid implementation.

With 2 weeks to go for the Lockdown to end, there is hope that areas and towns, which have strictly followed the instructions, may show little or no increase in the number of cases. But, there is enough news that, in many places, the Lockdown has not been followed strictly.

A Nation has to plan on the basis of different scenarios. One scenario is 10,000 cases. We need to get ready to manage this situation.

And, a great deal depends on us, the people, to be disciplined as never before. To follow instructions, as never before. Government, alone, cannot solve this crisis – it needs full participation of all citizens even more so now with the spike in the number of cases.

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