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Disruptive Development: The Only Way for India

The tradition since 1947 to 1989, in India, was to follow an incremental process of Development. This was disrupted in 1991 with a direction change in Economic Policy. Again, we lapsed into incremental policies and processes. In 2000, we saw another spurt of Disruptive policies which led to the opening of Telecom and the Quad, i.e., the National Highway program. Reversion to the incremental way was, again the subconscious lapsing, slowing the country down in terms of reform.

Demonetization, the GST, standing up to China (Doklam and Ladakh) were handled differently. The Covid Lockdown was another example of disruptive action. All these represented a new way. A Disruptive way, not the usual incremental way. There are other examples.

If India is to achieve rapid Development, the Disruptive way is the only alternative. With the size of India’s population at over 1.3 Billion, the incremental way is far too slow.

Fortunately, Technology makes Disruptive actions possible and impactful, especially Digital Technology. And, India is strong in Digital. It’s a natural. India’s youth are taking to Digitalization like ducks to water.

In all spheres, Education, Health, Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Infrastructure, Administration, Defence, Security, etc, Digital Technology is transforming the way we operate and develop. It brings rapid change. It brings pain. But, it’s the only way to bring Development to all the people of India quickly, not waiting for decades.

The forces of lethargy and resistance to change are strong in every society, every Nation. These make incremental change processes, the generally preferred way but, in reality, it actually means a no-change situation. And, major change is essential to overcome the regressive impulses and resistance which stand in the way of change happening.

India and Indians will have to recognize and accept Disruptive Development as the only way forward.

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