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China to be G-1?

During the Obama Presidency, there was talk of a new G-2 formulation, USA and China, the two super-powers. It was an implicit recognition of the emergence of China from the shadow of an Emerging Economy to superpower status.

Fast forwarding to 2019, there is a new formulation as USA withdraws from the Middle East and South Asia. This is G-1 China. Number 1. Reflecting the ambitions and aspirations which the leadership of China has aggressively articulated. And, some say, the world needs to get ready for 100 years of Chinese domination, globally.

There are clear signals of military buildup by China to add to the economic Power it already wields. So much so that the EU has passed a Law to screen and investigate Chinese investment proposals for Europe. And, this is the same EU which was enchanted with the opportunities provided by the growth of China.

The world needs to understand the G-1 target of China and to reconcile to it or consider strategies to deal with the G-1 situation and its multiple implications.

All countries, like India, working in democracies, have many differing voices. Those who advocate friendship with China and others who advocate caution with China. The former group sees China as a benign country, the latter group sees China as a threat to sovereignty. Gradually, this pendulum seems to be swinging more to the latter group which is deeply hesitant of China and its ambitions for global hegemony.

Only time will tell how the future plays out. But, no one should have any doubts about a new star on the horizon – the star of China, the G-1 country in the world.

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