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Biden/Harris Duo Creates Hope Globally

As we get ready to hear the Biden-Harris duo speak tomorrow morning (IST), there is new hope in the air. Every signal emerging from the President-Elect has been positive, especially the appointments announced so far: people who work institutionally and collaborate; people who come from different ethnic backgrounds; and, people to ensure unprecedented gender balance.

The Biden-Harris team will surely set out their priorities and there are many. The Transition teams have been working diligently on the Agenda for Action post inauguration.

First, and most important, the management and control of COVID-19 and the saving of lives. This will surely figure at the top of the list. The news of the vaccine coming soon will be a big boost to dealing with this challenge.

Second, generating jobs, employment and self-employment/entrepreneurship across the Nation and, especially so, in the worst-hit States. The small and medium enterprises have been facing a disaster situation and their recovery will be upfront in this agenda.

Third, a strategic approach to building employment-linked economic growth at a time when automation is doing away with many kinds of repetitive jobs. Even in a developed economy like the USA, there are still multiple opportunities for micro-entrepreneurship and employment generation.

Fourth, Skills Training looking at current and future needs for talent. This will need to be a massive, cross-nation exercise, calling for a dedicated US Agency working dynamically, energetically and imaginatively.

Fifth, repairing the public health system, building capacity of medical professionals and personnel, and adding to low-cost hospital infrastructure to serve the general public. Specially so in rural areas.

Sixth, taking a serious initiative to repair the public education system which has been found seriously wanting over many years of neglect, a legacy of the past.

Seventh, perhaps, one of the most important initiatives relates to the Climate Crisis, Climate Change and Climate Action to safeguard the lives of the generations to follow. USA will have to show action and lead by example. Words, alone, will not suffice.

Eighth, Sustainable attention to Racism through Dialogue and creating, over time, a nationwide process of engagement to build a good American Society, free of discrimination. This will be a long, long haul but will be in the forefront of the agenda of the new President-Vice President.

Ninth, the deep divide in American society requires healing and this will need its own special initiative, again to be sustained over time. The United States of America has to regain its name in true spirit by creating a United People of America. The Covid-19 agenda, the jobs agenda, the racism agenda will all converge into the “United” agenda.

These are only 9 of the 90 priorities facing the new President and Vice President but the dawn of new hope is very real that a man who has given 50 years of his life to public service will want to leave a Legacy of Action which takes USA to a different place in its own evolution.

In this short piece the focus has been on domestic action. There are equally important initiatives to be taken in the field of international relations and national security.

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